Day 5: Paris, France (Our Last Day)

So today was the last day of our visit in Paris. We woke up a bit earlier this day to pack our bags and got ready to check out. We checked out before 12. The only thing is, we have to go at around 2:30pm. From the time we checked out, we went instantly to Gare du Nord. We waited there for a long time. We just roam around the station and ate our lunch. The funny thing that we did around the station was that, Samsung was promoting their new phone Galaxy Note. They hired 2 artists and they did a free sketch of your face plus getting your own t-shirt. I did participate with it and he really drew me good.



It only took 7mins to draw me and I got a free t-shirt.

After the draw, we waited for our train to arrive.

When our train arrives, we said our bye-bye’s to Paris and say that we will soon meet again. It was such a great experience. Thank you Paris for sharing your wonderful place to us.

27th April 2012


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