Day 4: Paris, France

This day, we went to La Defense to see the Grande Arche. It is one of the places that my friend Keith told us to go to.  She told me that it this place is modern and we can see big malls and buildings. At first, me and my boyfriend was a bit not sure if we really want to go to this place because it is already kinda far from the city center of Paris,  but we went anyways.

We took the metro going to La Defense, it is already in the 3rd zone. Well it took us at least 30minutes or something to get there but we were lucky enough to be entertained by a very sweet french lady who can speak english. La Defense is indeed the last stop for the metro. Upon getting out of the metro, the metro stop was kinda busy. There are some shops within the station.

When we got out of the station, we were like strucked! We didn’t expect that we will see such a view. It is like we are in the future. We were just amazed with how big the buildings are. The structures where really different from the old city of Paris, this place is real modern.

We first saw Grande Arche, this thing is huge. We also knew that this Arche is aligned to Arc de Triomphe.

Grande Arche
Arc de Triomphe from a far and aligned by Grande Arche.

The weather this day was favourable, no rain! We were glad about that.

We went to the two buildings or malls. It was big and full of shops. The mall offers everything and it is kinda classy. We roam around the mall and spent some time in Toys R Us just to look for some cool stuffs and found this:

Nutella kinda got my attention. It is 5 Kilos of Nutella! 5 kilos, 5 kilos...

And of course, I won’t leave without a jump shot at the somehow top of the Grande Arche.

And let my boyfriend feel he is the king of the world!

After spending some time in Grand de Arche, we went back to the hotel and rested a bit and get ready for dinner. Since it is our last night in Paris, We decided to go for a dinner at the Hippopotamus again. We were kinda addicted with their steak because it is really nice. Around the restaurant, you can still view the Eiffel tower and the Montparnasse skyscraper.

Hippopotamus restaurant.
Eiffel tower at night


26th of April 2012



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