Day 3: Paris, France (Celebrating my 26th birthday)

Happy birthday to me!

Celebrating my 26th birthday in Paris was the main reason why I encouraged my boyfriend to travel in Paris. It is like the ultimate gift. I am so happy that my dream came true. It is a very nice experience to explore Paris on my day.

As what I have said earlier in my posts, I would love to go inside of the Musèe Louvre. This day, we were lucky to see it. Arriving in Musèe Louvre, the line was ridiculously long. We didn’t want to go through the line anymore because it is again raining bad. Our umbrella’s don’t work with the wind and the rain is hard. I was already losing hope at that time to go in the museum, luckily (thank you to the iphone application) it shows us some alternatives  on how we can go directly in the museum without passing through the line. We discovered that we have to go to FNAC or Virgin Megastore in Champs Elysees to buy the ticket. We went there with our metro card and bought the ticket. It is not bad at all. They only charge you 50 cents extra for the ticket. Since the rain is still super bad, we decided to stay at the Virgin Megastore and look up at what they can offer. Theres a lot and it is a very big store! We managed to buy some things again that we will really use. We also went to a restaurant and ate our lunch. We got a nice view from the top. After lunch, the rain is somehow less and headed our way back to the Museum, and yes easy entrance baby! We dont need to go through the long line anymore.

The golden tickets of Musèe Louvre

Inside the Museum, expect that there would be lots of people. When you don’t know where to go, their information center is very visible and you can get a free map too. If you want to get an audio guide, make sure that you buy it with your ticket. We actually want to try one but they are already in use. The funny thing is, they use Nintendo 3DS for their auido guides.

Within the museum, there are lots of paintings and statues. I can say, we saw lots of it that we already got tired of looking at it. We were actually in search of Mona Lisa.

The hall filled with LOTS of paintings.
The painting that I really liked. It is a painting within a painting. We called it the "Paintception".

After getting lost in this big Museum, we finally found Mona Lisa.

I did not expect that Mona Lisa was a small painting.

And many more…

Our next stop is the Notre Dame. I told my bf that we have to go to a church. I want to thank HIM for giving me another year of life and thank HIM for everything. It is our tradition to go to church whenever we are celebrating our birthday.

Notre Dame is beautiful.

Around Notre Dame

Since we are already soaked from the rain, we decided to do a stop over to our hotel again. We went back to the hotel to dry up and changed our clothes. We rested for several hours and waited til the sun almost doesn’t shine anymore. We wanted to see the Eiffel tower again but this time, it’s at night. The tower looks so beautiful with it’s lights. No wonder people would love to see this many times. It is only a bit of shame that we didn’t got the chance to go up. The tower closes already because of an expected heavy rainfall again. This is also the time where we met Keith again.

Eiffel Tower at night

Following the visit of the Eiffel Tower, we went to Moulin Rouge. We did not go in again because of the line. It is just crazy, the whole street is filled with people. We just went there to take a picture.

Moulin Rouge

After the long day, my boyfriend, my friend keith and me ate at an Italian Restaurant near Moulin Rouge.

Bon anniversaire!


25th of April 2012


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  1. Niki says:

    happy birthday and many more! 🙂


    1. bubblejam86 says:

      Thank you! 🙂


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