Day 2: Paris, France (Part 2)

Continuation of my post for part 1…

After the boat ride, we met my friend Keith! It’s been a long time since I havent seen her at all. This is the time where I can meet her again. I love her, she is really very nice to me since highschool and I am glad to meet her again. We met at Trocadero with her friend. I was really happy to see her!

Keith and Me


And a nice view from Trocadero to the EIffel tower.

You can really get decent photos of the Eiffel Tower when you reached Trocadero. It is an amazing place. I guess it is one of our favorite when we want to get a good view of the Tower.

Next, my friend Keith toured us to Arc de Triomphe. We took the metro reaching Champs Elysees. Reaching Arc de Triomphe, as usual I am amazed on how beautiful the Arc is. Champs Elysees is also impressive, as I may say, if  you like shopping go to this place. Lovely place to shop!

Arc de Triomphe
Snap shot at the middle of the street in Champs Elysees.

And it’s time for dinner. We went to a restaurant called Hippopotamus. They really got nice steak there. I must confess, I ate a lot. Their food is just simply yummy and tasty for a good price.

380grams of steak.
Yummy burger!

Finishing the meal, the sun is still shining at around 8pm, we decided to visit Musèe Louvre. My friend accompanied us to the museum, well just outside because it is already closed. When we arrived there, I fell in love with the place. It was surprisingly beautiful, most especially when it is not busy at all. I was really saying to everyone that I want to go there the next day.

One of the entrance to the museum
I touched the tip!

Infront of Musèe Louvre

24th of April 2012


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