Day 2: Paris, France (Part 1)

Our second day in Paris…

Now we can really say that we planned our trip on where we really like to go. We also decided to take the metro and it is really convenient. Metro cards in Paris are not so expensive. They will give you a metro card that is valid for 24 hours. You just have to choose until which zone you are deciding to visit. In this case we decided to take zone 1 and 2 only because most of the tourist spots can be visited by this card.We were a bit lucky with the weather at this time. It somehow gave us a time to have sunlight instead of heavy down pours of rain.

Our first stop was The Opera. It is big and nice from the outside. We didn’t know that you can really watch a real opera at this time. We did not go inside anymore because we didn’t know that there is a show coming up and at the same time it is in French.

The Opera
Entrance to the Opera

We decided to walk more around since the other tourist spots are near the Opera. This caught our attention. Even though we are not Americans, I felt hope when it comes to speaking english on this club. We just passed by and maybe in the future we will try to visit this.

The American Dream

Walking through, we have stopped by around this building, it is called Ministere de la Justice. Around this vicinity, you can see how big it is and I am also amazed with the structure. Police officers are also around. You can feel that you are safe in this place. Since not all places in Paris are safe.

Infront of this building, there was a monument. I dont know actually what is it’s name, but I find it also interesting and took a pic of it.

Going further, the city shop in Paris looks pretty. Shops in Paris have nice hallways. The things sold here are really expensive too.

Advancing our way, we arrived at Jardin des Tuileries. It is really a big and nice garden within the city. The left side of the garden is near Musee Louvre and the right side of the garden you can see the Eiffel tower and Arc de Triomphe. I like the fountains and the view of this Garden. It is kinda quiet when you are in the garden and you feel like you are away from the busy city.

View of the Eiffel Tower from Jardin des Tuileries
Obelisk (The Paris Needle) and Arc de Triomphe

Leaving Jardin des Tuileries, we saw this bridge and gave us a sight seeing of the Paris waters and bridges.

Next to this bridge we saw Pont Alexandre III bridge. It is a very nice bridge with lots of monuments and golden colored structures.

Pont Alexandre III

Near the Pont Alexandre III is the  Mansart’s dome. This building is huge and also pleasant to see.

Mansart's dome

From Mansart’s Dome, we walked our way to the Eiffel tower again… And it rained big time… We already told ourselves that everytime we are going to visit the Eiffel tower, we experience rain. We did some stop overs just to not be really wet, walking our way to the tower took us almost 45mins which is kinda long. We were the die hards. After that, finally the rain became less and got some decent pictures of the tower.

Eventhough the rain pours bad on us, we try to smile it away.

The next thing we did was go on a boat trip. In this way, we got ourselves dry and warm for an hour. It was nice to do and very informative because it goes around Paris. It is also translated in different languages so I learned from it. We did even ate crepe and drank because there is a little bar inside. This way, we can say that we have rested a bit and just enjoyed the ride.

Boat ride
Yummy crepe!

24th of April 2012


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