The Netherlands: Zaanse Schans

After the trip to Volendam on my earlier post, we decided to visit Zaanse Schans. Zaanse Schans is 20mins away from Volendam by car. Another trip that we didn’t even planned to go.

So what is it in Zaanse Schans that we reallly liked?… Its about the windmills. Holland is well known for it’s windmill and as a matter of fact, every wind/water mill here in The Netherlands have a little or even a big history to tell.

We arrived there a bit late and didn’t got the chance to go more around the place but lucky enough to get adequate light to roam a bit and take pictures. This place doesn’t only offer windmills. Around the vicinity, you can go there for a drink, eat and do shopping for some Holland souveniers. They also have some museums that are free of entrance. The next time we will go there, we will definitely go to the big museum and walk around more.

Information Map

Houses around Zaanse Schans

The Windmills

The Klompenmakerij or Woodenshoe workshop (Museum)

Freshly made klompen

Klompen (woodenshoes For Sale!)

The colorful shoes

old cash register

And the Big Museum

For an hour of stay in Zaanse Schans, these were the only things we saw. The next time we go there, we will surely stay longer to be able to discover more about this place. I will definitely post another adventure in the future regarding Zaanse Schans. 🙂

It is free of entrance and experience the wonders of Holland. For more information you can go to

The Netherlands: Volendam

We have reached our designated destination: Volendam

Sleeping over at our friend’s house from the last night’s party ended up to a morning of good cappuccino and a nice chat from what happened from last night. During the talk, we mentioned that we would love to visit some of the most popular tourist spots here in The Netherlands. Following the chat, we decided to visit Volendam. We quickly finished our coffee and prepared fast for the said visit. The day is perfect for roaming around, finally the first sun of spring has arrived!

Volendam- is a town in North Holland. It is known in The Netherlands for its nice harbor, paling fishes and for their traditional Dutch costumes.

Doubtlessly Volendam is a nice town. It is small but it is rich with culture and has an attractive sight seeing.

The Common Houses of Volendam

The Harbor

The Fish Store

Their collection of bills around the world

Their collection of bills around the world

The Shopping Area

And last but not the least… US!

So, as I may say, I would love to visit Volendam again in the future and definitely get the picture soon of me wearing the traditional Dutch costume (didnt got the chance to do it anymore because it was so busy 😦 ). In any ways, when you are here in The Netherlands, dont miss this place and put it on your checklist. Have the time to  visit and enjoy the sight.

Bhuvan’s 30th

Happy Birthday our dear friend Bhuvan! Janma dhin ko Subha kamana! ( I hope that I said it right in Nepali language.) So you are now 30, as what you said, it is already the 30% of your life. Welcome to the world of 30’s indeed!

I havent said these wishes to you but let me write it down and show this post to you.

1. I wish you and Fenna all the best this year- The best as I mean, THE BEST!

2. I am happy that we are part of your celebration. I am thankful that you are letting us be a part of your life. Being your friend is one of the awesome things!

3. We are always looking forward to the planned and unplanned adventures that we will surely do in the future!

Ill end in 3 wishes. Ill say the other ones to you when we meet again. 🙂

Well in anyways, Partying with you is the best! Thank you for welcoming us in your home and sharing everything with us! You didn’t only shared but also reunited friends.

Happy Birthday Buvan!

Sushi day

One nice sunny saturday and I again meet up with one of my friends. She is Trang and she is from Vietnam. We haven’t seen each other for a year due to the time conflicts we have with our schedules. She is one of my friends whom I knew here in The Netherlands and become one of my close friends. I love this girl, she is so good to me and everytime she wants to meet me, she will definitely feed me good food. She doesn’t only cook me nice food but also teaches me how to make it.

The agenda of the day: SUSHI making.

The Preparation

Cucumber, Pickled Radish, Carrots cut in strips


Sweetened Egg and fried in thin layers

Crab sticks salad (crab sticks, mayonnaise and corn)

After preparing the things needed, we cooked rice, arranged the sushi mat and the seaweed wrap or the so called ‘Nori’ and then we started making our own sushi. Before this day, I am already craving for sushi. I was already planning to buy myself a box and eat it somewhere this week. Home made sushi is the best and fresh, im glad I waited for this time and not rushing myself from getting a pack of it.

We started binding up the rice and the other ingredients into a roll to get this awesome sushi roll.

I cant name all of them, for me they are all sushi.

The taste is really nice, it is crunchy and tasty. I definitely got a stomach full of sushi and its goodness!

Thank you Trang for the wonderful day!

Party Rock: The Gyawali’s

Later that day when I met my friend Krishna in Amsterdam, our day didn’t stop there. My friends,  The Gyawali’s invited us to their party rock party! The reason of the party is that because Fenna got a very nice news from her work and of course for the fun and bonding that we can do together. I’m glad that they allowed me to bring my friend Krishna and enjoyed the crazy night with us.

What we did there?

We ate chips with Buvan's special cucumber dip

Ate a Spanish style couscous and I really love it!

Drank beer and wines

My bf DJ Delite and his gadgets with my pink laptop.


and danced...

and danced...

and danced!

That was a blast!