The Netherlands: Volendam

We have reached our designated destination: Volendam

Sleeping over at our friend’s house from the last night’s party ended up to a morning of good cappuccino and a nice chat from what happened from last night. During the talk, we mentioned that we would love to visit some of the most popular tourist spots here in The Netherlands. Following the chat, we decided to visit Volendam. We quickly finished our coffee and prepared fast for the said visit. The day is perfect for roaming around, finally the first sun of spring has arrived!

Volendam- is a town in North Holland. It is known in The Netherlands for its nice harbor, paling fishes and for their traditional Dutch costumes.

Doubtlessly Volendam is a nice town. It is small but it is rich with culture and has an attractive sight seeing.

The Common Houses of Volendam

The Harbor

The Fish Store

Their collection of bills around the world
Their collection of bills around the world

The Shopping Area

And last but not the least… US!

So, as I may say, I would love to visit Volendam again in the future and definitely get the picture soon of me wearing the traditional Dutch costume (didnt got the chance to do it anymore because it was so busy 😦 ). In any ways, when you are here in The Netherlands, dont miss this place and put it on your checklist. Have the time to  visit and enjoy the sight.


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