The Netherlands: Zaanse Schans

After the trip to Volendam on my earlier post, we decided to visit Zaanse Schans. Zaanse Schans is 20mins away from Volendam by car. Another trip that we didn’t even planned to go.

So what is it in Zaanse Schans that we reallly liked?… Its about the windmills. Holland is well known for it’s windmill and as a matter of fact, every wind/water mill here in The Netherlands have a little or even a big history to tell.

We arrived there a bit late and didn’t got the chance to go more around the place but lucky enough to get adequate light to roam a bit and take pictures. This place doesn’t only offer windmills. Around the vicinity, you can go there for a drink, eat and do shopping for some Holland souveniers. They also have some museums that are free of entrance. The next time we will go there, we will definitely go to the big museum and walk around more.

Information Map

Houses around Zaanse Schans

The Windmills

The Klompenmakerij or Woodenshoe workshop (Museum)

Freshly made klompen
Klompen (woodenshoes For Sale!)
The colorful shoes
old cash register

And the Big Museum

For an hour of stay in Zaanse Schans, these were the only things we saw. The next time we go there, we will surely stay longer to be able to discover more about this place. I will definitely post another adventure in the future regarding Zaanse Schans. 🙂

It is free of entrance and experience the wonders of Holland. For more information you can go to


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  1. How do people walk in those shoes ?!


    1. bubblejam86 says:

      You just wear them like an ordinary shoe. Some people say that those clogs/ woodenshoe is comfortable to wear. It just take some time to getting use to wearing those shoes. 🙂


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