Movie: Hunger Games

Oh yes! Finally I have watched the Hunger Games in the cinema! It is my first time in 3 years to watch it here in The Netherlands. For the past years that I have been living here, I only got the time to watch movies on my laptop and or dvd’s.

I forced my boyfriend and our friend to watch the Hunger Games with me this sunday in Pathë Haarlem. I am really anticipating to watch the movie as soon as possible after I have read the book just this past weeks knowing that it will be on the cinema. I told them that this movie has a high rating already like the book. At first they are like, “Ok we will watch it and we will see what kind of movie is it, but men it is 142 minutes? That is like 2 and half hours”. I keep on telling them that it is not bad as what you think and I kept saying that I hope they will too like it.

Me "looking so excited" to watch the movie with our friend Bhuvan

After 2 and half hours of watching and finishing all the popcorns, they told me that the movie was nice and really didn’t feel that the movie was that long. It wasn’t the movie that they were thinking of. They told me it’s kinda different and they like the action. I was very glad to hear that because I am like addicted to Hunger Games already and wanting more of it. My boyfriend is now eager to read the book to know what really happened in the book. He is also curious on what would be the next step for Katniss and Peeta.

For me on my side when I saw the movie, I thought like there are some parts that are missing in the story. I wouldn’t blame the makers of the movie because they really did a good job on creating the film almost the same as what it is stated in the book. They actually did an excellent work. They did some alterations but they got it straight to the point. That is how I like the movie. They made my imagination into a reality. They filled my heart with excitement. There are times when I knew what is going to happen, I was holding the hand of my boyfriend and pushing him constantly because of the incoming scene. He was beaten by me during the movie for being so thrilled about what I will soon expect to see. He is like, “Jam  don’t kill me :P” and the movie just goes on.

With this movie I would give 9 out of 10. I loved how they tried their best to at least almost copy the book. Shaky cam is used a bit much but yeah, it fits well. I love the chosen characters, they really have the attitude to be like the characters in the book. It actually gave me  goosebumps seeing the tributes on the parade and almost made me cry when I saw Rue’s scene. For me they are effective. Now I cannot wait to see Catching Fire next year. I would really watch the sequel.


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  1. t.on.air says:

    Thanks for the review. I meant to watch this after finishing the book.


    1. bubblejam86 says:

      I love the book ♥. The movie is good too, but of course the book still gives it all.


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