Day 3: Paris, France (Celebrating my 26th birthday)

Happy birthday to me!

Celebrating my 26th birthday in Paris was the main reason why I encouraged my boyfriend to travel in Paris. It is like the ultimate gift. I am so happy that my dream came true. It is a very nice experience to explore Paris on my day.

As what I have said earlier in my posts, I would love to go inside of the Musèe Louvre. This day, we were lucky to see it. Arriving in Musèe Louvre, the line was ridiculously long. We didn’t want to go through the line anymore because it is again raining bad. Our umbrella’s don’t work with the wind and the rain is hard. I was already losing hope at that time to go in the museum, luckily (thank you to the iphone application) it shows us some alternatives  on how we can go directly in the museum without passing through the line. We discovered that we have to go to FNAC or Virgin Megastore in Champs Elysees to buy the ticket. We went there with our metro card and bought the ticket. It is not bad at all. They only charge you 50 cents extra for the ticket. Since the rain is still super bad, we decided to stay at the Virgin Megastore and look up at what they can offer. Theres a lot and it is a very big store! We managed to buy some things again that we will really use. We also went to a restaurant and ate our lunch. We got a nice view from the top. After lunch, the rain is somehow less and headed our way back to the Museum, and yes easy entrance baby! We dont need to go through the long line anymore.

The golden tickets of Musèe Louvre

Inside the Museum, expect that there would be lots of people. When you don’t know where to go, their information center is very visible and you can get a free map too. If you want to get an audio guide, make sure that you buy it with your ticket. We actually want to try one but they are already in use. The funny thing is, they use Nintendo 3DS for their auido guides.

Within the museum, there are lots of paintings and statues. I can say, we saw lots of it that we already got tired of looking at it. We were actually in search of Mona Lisa.

The hall filled with LOTS of paintings.

The painting that I really liked. It is a painting within a painting. We called it the "Paintception".

After getting lost in this big Museum, we finally found Mona Lisa.

I did not expect that Mona Lisa was a small painting.

And many more…

Our next stop is the Notre Dame. I told my bf that we have to go to a church. I want to thank HIM for giving me another year of life and thank HIM for everything. It is our tradition to go to church whenever we are celebrating our birthday.

Notre Dame is beautiful.

Around Notre Dame

Since we are already soaked from the rain, we decided to do a stop over to our hotel again. We went back to the hotel to dry up and changed our clothes. We rested for several hours and waited til the sun almost doesn’t shine anymore. We wanted to see the Eiffel tower again but this time, it’s at night. The tower looks so beautiful with it’s lights. No wonder people would love to see this many times. It is only a bit of shame that we didn’t got the chance to go up. The tower closes already because of an expected heavy rainfall again. This is also the time where we met Keith again.

Eiffel Tower at night

Following the visit of the Eiffel Tower, we went to Moulin Rouge. We did not go in again because of the line. It is just crazy, the whole street is filled with people. We just went there to take a picture.

Moulin Rouge

After the long day, my boyfriend, my friend keith and me ate at an Italian Restaurant near Moulin Rouge.

Bon anniversaire!


25th of April 2012

Day 2: Paris, France (Part 2)

Continuation of my post for part 1…

After the boat ride, we met my friend Keith! It’s been a long time since I havent seen her at all. This is the time where I can meet her again. I love her, she is really very nice to me since highschool and I am glad to meet her again. We met at Trocadero with her friend. I was really happy to see her!

Keith and Me



And a nice view from Trocadero to the EIffel tower.

You can really get decent photos of the Eiffel Tower when you reached Trocadero. It is an amazing place. I guess it is one of our favorite when we want to get a good view of the Tower.

Next, my friend Keith toured us to Arc de Triomphe. We took the metro reaching Champs Elysees. Reaching Arc de Triomphe, as usual I am amazed on how beautiful the Arc is. Champs Elysees is also impressive, as I may say, if  you like shopping go to this place. Lovely place to shop!

Arc de Triomphe

Snap shot at the middle of the street in Champs Elysees.

And it’s time for dinner. We went to a restaurant called Hippopotamus. They really got nice steak there. I must confess, I ate a lot. Their food is just simply yummy and tasty for a good price.

380grams of steak.

Yummy burger!

Finishing the meal, the sun is still shining at around 8pm, we decided to visit Musèe Louvre. My friend accompanied us to the museum, well just outside because it is already closed. When we arrived there, I fell in love with the place. It was surprisingly beautiful, most especially when it is not busy at all. I was really saying to everyone that I want to go there the next day.

One of the entrance to the museum

I touched the tip!

Infront of Musèe Louvre

24th of April 2012

Day 2: Paris, France (Part 1)

Our second day in Paris…

Now we can really say that we planned our trip on where we really like to go. We also decided to take the metro and it is really convenient. Metro cards in Paris are not so expensive. They will give you a metro card that is valid for 24 hours. You just have to choose until which zone you are deciding to visit. In this case we decided to take zone 1 and 2 only because most of the tourist spots can be visited by this card.We were a bit lucky with the weather at this time. It somehow gave us a time to have sunlight instead of heavy down pours of rain.

Our first stop was The Opera. It is big and nice from the outside. We didn’t know that you can really watch a real opera at this time. We did not go inside anymore because we didn’t know that there is a show coming up and at the same time it is in French.

The Opera

Entrance to the Opera

We decided to walk more around since the other tourist spots are near the Opera. This caught our attention. Even though we are not Americans, I felt hope when it comes to speaking english on this club. We just passed by and maybe in the future we will try to visit this.

The American Dream

Walking through, we have stopped by around this building, it is called Ministere de la Justice. Around this vicinity, you can see how big it is and I am also amazed with the structure. Police officers are also around. You can feel that you are safe in this place. Since not all places in Paris are safe.

Infront of this building, there was a monument. I dont know actually what is it’s name, but I find it also interesting and took a pic of it.

Going further, the city shop in Paris looks pretty. Shops in Paris have nice hallways. The things sold here are really expensive too.

Advancing our way, we arrived at Jardin des Tuileries. It is really a big and nice garden within the city. The left side of the garden is near Musee Louvre and the right side of the garden you can see the Eiffel tower and Arc de Triomphe. I like the fountains and the view of this Garden. It is kinda quiet when you are in the garden and you feel like you are away from the busy city.

View of the Eiffel Tower from Jardin des Tuileries

Obelisk (The Paris Needle) and Arc de Triomphe

Leaving Jardin des Tuileries, we saw this bridge and gave us a sight seeing of the Paris waters and bridges.

Next to this bridge we saw Pont Alexandre III bridge. It is a very nice bridge with lots of monuments and golden colored structures.

Pont Alexandre III

Near the Pont Alexandre III is the  Mansart’s dome. This building is huge and also pleasant to see.

Mansart's dome

From Mansart’s Dome, we walked our way to the Eiffel tower again… And it rained big time… We already told ourselves that everytime we are going to visit the Eiffel tower, we experience rain. We did some stop overs just to not be really wet, walking our way to the tower took us almost 45mins which is kinda long. We were the die hards. After that, finally the rain became less and got some decent pictures of the tower.

Eventhough the rain pours bad on us, we try to smile it away.

The next thing we did was go on a boat trip. In this way, we got ourselves dry and warm for an hour. It was nice to do and very informative because it goes around Paris. It is also translated in different languages so I learned from it. We did even ate crepe and drank because there is a little bar inside. This way, we can say that we have rested a bit and just enjoyed the ride.

Boat ride

Yummy crepe!

24th of April 2012

Day 1: Paris, France

YES!!! My dream vacation came true. I have finally visited the city of love and lights.

Before this day, I actually didn’t sleep the whole night because of the excitement that is running in my head all the time knowing that I will be in Paris soon. I was even checking websites that will give me more information about the where abouts of this city. I know that Paris is nice, but I want to learn more about it and try to make an itenenary of the places we needed to visit. I was kinda worried too, knowing that this week Paris is going to be very rainy.

At 4am I started preparing myself for the tour, I packed some of the things that I will still bring for the trip. As what I have seen and read on the weather forecasts, it says that it is going to rain the whole time of the visit. I also read that April is one of the months where sudden down pour of rain happens. I was also worried because of the train schedules. Before this day, 2 trains in Amsterdam crashed at each other and the connecting trains for Amsterdam are not even possible at the moment. Im glad to have discovered the day before the trip that we just have to go to Schiphol and take the train there to Paris.

6:30am our train begins to move, I was amazed how fast the train goes. It only took us almost 30mins to be in Rotterdam with a normal travel of an hour in an ordinary train. The trip took 3 hours from Schiphol, Amsterdam to Paris.

Arriving at the Gare du Nord, I can’t believe that I am now standing and seeing Paris. It was like a time warp, so fast and I am there. The station wasn’t like from what I have actually expected. It is not fancy at all. It was a train station, period. You’ll see trains and lots of tourists.

The sight outside the station is nice, but the inside is kinda, meh…

We headed directly to our hotel, rested a bit and left our luggage. Our hotel was Campanile Gare du Nord, it is 10mins away front the station which is really handy. It is clean and I am so glad with that. The only thing I noticed, I heard lots of sirens from the police and ambulances. We are near the police station and the hospital. It was crazy, I dont know what are they doing or what is happening, it is like every minute you can hear the sounds of their alarms.

After resting we are already thrilled to see further of the city and from what we are expecting, it rained, luckily I have my umbrella with me. We actually dont have any idea where to go first, so we took the taxi and asked to bring us to the Eiffel Tower. Taxi’s are really good and cheap, the meter starts at 2.50 euros which is affordable when you are in a rush or really lost. The traffic in Paris is crazy. It is different from what I am used to when im in Holland. I felt more like im in Manila, Philippines with the traffic, people crossing everywhere and the cars sometimes doesn’t stop when it is red.  When we arrived at The Eiffel Tower, I was happy to see it. I said to myself that “Wow, I can’t believe im here”.


Oh and by the way, French People knows a bit or almost not when it is about speaking English. It would be handy if you bring your map with you and show it to the taxi driver and surely it will take you to your destination. I find it a bit weird that they don’t really like speaking other languages rather than french. In my opinion, they should learn the basic english because every year millions of people visits their place and it would be of course easier for everyone if they can speak english too. But I respect the French people, I know they love their language and country and it is their way of being proud of it.

The rain pours bad, we headed our way back to the hotel and dried up a bit. It wasn’t nice anymore to walk in wet and cold. We stayed there a bit and waited for the rain to at least lighten up a bit. We looked and searched the map where to go next. We decided to go to Sacre Coeur from Gare du Nord by foot.  Thank you for the iphone application saying that it is only 30mins walking when we ended up walking for an hour. It was a bit far from what we have expected.

Sacre Coeur, it is a Catholic church and it is located at the Montmartre, which is the highest point of the city. I can say that the view here is really good where you can see the whole Paris.

Sacre Coeur

If you are worried about going up the stairs, don’t be. There are elevators on the left side of the church that will bring you at the top in no time. It is worth the experience.

The elevator track

The elevator

And the big surprise of the church.

View from the top

Taking pictures inside the church is not allowed, so I am not able to share it to you. But as I may say, this church is really beautiful inside and out. I am glad to have discovered this place and took time to rest and pray, thanking HIM for all of the goodness in life He has given me.

My first day, wasn’t really bad at all as I have reminisced eventhough loads of rain fell from this day.

23rd of April 2012

Hammie’s 30th

Happy 30th birthday to my loving BF! With him BF stands for my boyfriend and my bestfriend!

I am happy to be a part of your 30th celebration and your life! I am wishing you all the goodness in life Hammie! For us you will still be our Hammie. The little Hammie that Philaine named  you, the Hammie that matches Jammie and the Hammie our friend.

And yeah…

“Je bent zoet als een snoep, daarom krijg je lekker candies”

Ik hou van jou! I Love you! Mahal kita!