Bhuvan’s 30th

Happy Birthday our dear friend Bhuvan! Janma dhin ko Subha kamana! ( I hope that I said it right in Nepali language.) So you are now 30, as what you said, it is already the 30% of your life. Welcome to the world of 30’s indeed!

I havent said these wishes to you but let me write it down and show this post to you.

1. I wish you and Fenna all the best this year- The best as I mean, THE BEST!

2. I am happy that we are part of your celebration. I am thankful that you are letting us be a part of your life. Being your friend is one of the awesome things!

3. We are always looking forward to the planned and unplanned adventures that we will surely do in the future!

Ill end in 3 wishes. Ill say the other ones to you when we meet again. 🙂

Well in anyways, Partying with you is the best! Thank you for welcoming us in your home and sharing everything with us! You didn’t only shared but also reunited friends.

Happy Birthday Buvan!

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