Despedida Meet-Up

So I met my friend Krishna again in Amsterdam. It is our last meet-up before her 7weeks holiday in the Philippines, Lucky! Well, our agenda for this day is to roam around Amsterdam and to buy some souveniers that she can bring to her family. It was fun doing it, it is just difficult to look for a very nice design for the T-shirts that she want to give to her sis.

Roaming around Amsterdam.

We met quite late, around 2pm or something, we just walked around the dam and did some window shopping (forcing myself not to buy anything and I succeeded 😉 ) We talked a lot and ate dinner at one steak house in the Dam Straat.  I must say that the spare ribs we ate was nice and tasty! It was a treat by Krishna. It’s her gift for my birthday. Thank you again for this treat!

Gigantic Spare Ribs!
Cheers to that!



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