Ate Sheila’s Baby Shower: Welcoming Calvijn Adilardo


So Ate Sheila (Ate is a word in Tagalog meaning a big sister or someone older than you) is expecting a baby in a couple of months. She wants to share and show how lucky she is to finally have her own family and baby.  We of course are so happy for her too!

The place where we attended the baby shower is in Zaandam. From Zandvoort to Zaandam, it took us an hour to be in our destination because of the unclear navigation we got. But anyways, getting to Zaandam is worth it, I got to eat Filipino foods and see my friend Ate Sheila after 2 years.

The party was really filled with baby decorations. There’s a lot of people who attended the baby shower too. The agenda today was just to gather and enjoy the day with games and food. This party brings back friends together.

They decorated the house filled with cute baby decorations.
One thing to expect with a Filipino Party… FOOD!!!

We played some crazy party games. The first game we played was called “Don’t pop my belly”. The game is simple, the guys have to put a balloon inside their shirts just infront their bellies. After that, they will be given a ribbon where they have tie around their foot without popping the balloon. The one who ties the ribbon fast without popping the balloon wins.

Don't Pop My Belly
Don’t Pop My Belly

The next game we played was called: “Guess Mum’s tummy size”. The rule of this game is to get some yarn and determine how big is the tummy of the mom. The one who  has the closest yarn around the mom wins!

Guess Mom’s Tummy Size

The last game we played was called “Feed the baby”. This game is for couples or can be played with a partner. The girl is blindfolded and the man sits at the back of the baby picture. The girl has to feed him with yoghurt. The most clean baby wins the game.

Feed The Baby

They were not the winner. But this was pretty hilarious!

After the games, it’s time to chill and take pictures!

Everybody touch the tummy!
Ate Sheila and Me.

And time for opening the gifts!

Congratulations again Ate Sheila! Can’t wait to see your baby!


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