Philippines: Calatagan, Batangas

Looking for a beach near Manila?… Calatagan Beach is 2 hours away Manila. Its a white sand beach. The only thing that I dont really like much is that there are lots of sea weeds and some rocks plus sea urchins. But all in all, the beach in Calatagan is a nice getaway from the busy city and lights of Manila.

We were at Aquaria. It is a newly built resort in Calatagan. It is a nice resort but I suggest that they should arrange their managing system. I was kinda upset during the time we were there because they let us wait for a long time before they assist us and giving us a place to stay for a day. I do understand that it was a busy day, but  also I suggest that they should be clear enough if they still have cottages available  so we can further look for other resort to check in and not waste our time.  But I am just glad that the resort is clean and big after checking in. Further, I have nothing to complain since I had a good time at the resort.


At the beach with our star fish!
At the beach with our star fish!


Group shot in the pool,
Group shot in the pool.


21St of April 2013

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