Philippines: San Fabian Beach, Pangasinan

After the day stroll and praying at the Manaoag Church as said earlier on my blog,  we headed to the famous black beach in Pangasinan in San Fabian. The travel from Manaoag church to San Fabian is 30-45 mins. I think most of the people who had visited Manaoag are always heading directly to the nearest beach.

What I love about this beach?… The wind is really nice, the sand is very pure and really black sand, there are no stones on the beach or even when you are swimming, it’s big and the waves are just right. Around the beach there are lots of cottages where you can rent and spend the rest of the day. You can even lock the cottage so when you are swimming, you dont have to worry that someone might take all your belongings. There are also little stores where you can buy little things and also sing at the karaoke machine. There are little boats where you can also rent for a very cheap price that will let you roam around the sea.

IMG_4907 IMG_4954


19th of April 2013



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