Philippines: Antipolo

Antipolo,  25kms away Manila a 2 hour drive away plus traffic. hehe…

Antipolo is one of our favorite spots to visit. My dad usually bring us all the time in Antipolo because of the Antipolo Cathedral. The cathedral is usually known for everyone who is going on a journey, it is Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage who protects us while traveling. We believe that when we go pray here, our travel will be safe and as always I do believe in it. I have never had a problem with traveling (knock, knock on the wood)…

Antipolo is not only known for the Cathedral but also known to have a nice view of Manila due its high elevation. The temperature is a bit cooler and you can see the metropolis of Metro Manila. I also love the cashew nuts and the suman “rice cakes” and other goodies that they have there.

Antipolo have lots of nice tasty restaurants with an overwhelming view of the busy city life in Manila. It is nice to stop and just stare at the lights with a cool breeze of air.

Antipolo Cathedral
Antipolo Cathedral
Busy street of Antipolo
Busy street of Antipolo

17th of April 2013


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