Philippines: Intramuros/ Fort Santiago

Intramuros (with in the walls) or the Old Walled Manila.

This wall was created to defend the Filipinos from the Spaniards and also from the World war. It was heavily damaged and until now it is being restored for this is now one of our Historical Monuments. Within the walls , there are churches, like the Saint Augustin church and the Manila Cathedral, offices, embassies and schools. In Intramuros, you will find Fort Santiago. Fort Santiago is where our national hero Jose Rizal stayed as a prisoner. He was imprisoned for exposing the wrong doings of the Spaniards by treating the Filipinos as their slaves.

Well, since this is one of our national monument and it is a big part of the Philippine history, this is where we brought my bf so he can learn more about our history. We went to Fort Santiago because that is where the tour starts. We payed an entrance fee and we decided to rent a Kalesa (caritela/ karitela)  or a horse-drawn carriage plus tour guide. All the money that you spent on the tour will be donated to the restoration of the Intramuros and of course to our funny tour guide. So, if you are planning to visit Manila,  visit Intramuros.



Gate of Fort Santiago

Gate of Fort Santiago

16th of April 2013

Philippines: Cooking Dutch Food

A day of rest: this time me and my boyfriend decided to bring the Dutch cuisine in the Philippine kitchen. I brought some cheese sauce to complete our recipe. I love this meal. I think this is the best meal as far as I know. I love the Dutch meatballs or the “gehakt ballen” together with brocolli in cheese sauce.

Ingredients needed:

Ground beef


A pack of cheese sauce.







Mix ground beef with egg, garlic, onion and shape it into a big ball. Heat the butter and cook the meatball with it. Boil the potatoes and brocolli. Then cook the cheese sauce. Then it is ready to serve. (Dutch cuisine is very simple)

nom nom

nom nom

15th of April 2013