Philippines: Patar Beach, Pangasinan.

After the day of resting and swimming at the nearby beach, we planned to go to the famous Patar beach in Pangasinan. It’s a 45 minute drive away from our hotel El Pescador to reach the end of the beach. Before arriving to our designated destination we dropped by to the nearby market to get some food and drinks. Fresh fish, squids and octopus! Upon reaching the beach, its such a breath taking sight to see. It is our first time to visit Patar beach. Its white sand, clear crystal blue water, clean and strong waves. It’s just wonderfully perfect. The beach is a real spot for surfers, hence there are some big rocks at one point of the sea.

This beach will be very memorable for us all. This is where my boyfriend asked me to marry him. He is now my official fiance. He proposed not only to me but also to my family. It was a private proposal. Just the two of us in a cottage at the very end of the beach. It is so special. 🙂

At the end of the day, we celebrated our day by going to a Karaoke bar and sang our happiness out! 🙂


13 of April 2013


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