Day 1: Maastricht, The Netherlands

The next place we visited was Maastricht. It is kinda far from where I am living now. I’ve been hearing from a lot of people that Maastricht is really a nice place. We got a hotel that is 20minutes away from the city center of Maastricht. We stayed at Valkenburg. Valkenburg is so nice. They have nice places to stay and visit. This is also where you can find the very popular cave. It is called the Gemeentegrot.

The entrance to the cave

Upon entering the cave, you can actually choose what kind of tour you would like to do. It is either by walking or taking a kind of a touring train. The thing that you have to be ready for before entering this cave is that you should at least have a winter jacket with you or a jacket that can give you warmth for 10 degrees or lower when inside the cave. The cave is approximately 70kms, but we were lucky enough to see the 3kms of it. The tour will be in dutch, unless you are in a group of people that would like to hear English information about the cave. At first I was thinking that I’ll just see a normal cave where i can see some extra-ordinary structures when I’m wrong. The cave was full of paintings and also some structures that they built inside the cave. It is kinda dark too and they were saying that once you got lost inside the cave, it will be a miracle when you can still come out.

After the cave adventure, we thought of taking the scenic route to the city center of Maastricht. It can actually take you a long time to go to the center with this kind of route, but as I may say… It was worth it!

The first sight that Maastricht showed me was the big church.  It was decent and solemn.

The next thing we did is that we walked around the shopping street. It is almost the same as the one you  can see in Amsterdam or Haarlem. But the thing that I would really love to see is the Selexyz bookshop. This bookshop was once a church. It was an amazing site to see.

A church that is turned to a bookshop… Heavenly sight!

After buying some books, we decided to leave the center and go. Me and my boyfriend actually wants to go Karting again… Hehe… but sadly, the place was closed at the time. My boyfriend decided then to bring me to the Drielandenpunt.

Drielandenpunt: Three Land Points.

So, im lucky to be in a place where 3 countries meet and be at the highest point of The Netherlands.

Im in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany at this point!
At the top!

We ended our day after eating at the Greek Restaurant nearby our hotel. The food was big and tasty. We called it a day and rested our first day in Maastricht.

3rd of July 2012


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