One Hot Summer.

Summer time!

Holland finally showed it’s real summer temperature. We reached 33 degrees celcius! That’s about as hot as the temperature we have in the Philippines!

Well, we again visited the beach, me and our friends. Lot’s of people all over the place, I love how alive Zandvoort beach is. I love how the sun shines brightly and seeing people happy and playing under the sun. I love seeing people walking freely while eating their ice creams. I love the fact that in such a day, people are active and enjoying each minute of it. In my every thought, I wish that it’s just everyday summer! Love the sun!

Gay Parade in Amsterdam

Every year, The Netherlands is celebrating Gay Pride. My bestfriend Krishna told me about the parade and I easily said yes to the idea of going to Amsterdam and join the party.  This is my first time to see the parade. As I may say I did really enjoy the parade. There are lots of things to see, actually they did a boat parade showing their true colors. Colors of happiness and freedom, dancing and singing and just having fun!

Gay people are there and showing how proud they are. They showed people all over the world that today it is their time to shine!

(This is the video I got during the parade. Excuse us for singing loudly! hihi… 🙂 )

Luckily the weather of that day was very favourable. We got some rain and sun but still had fun!

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4th of August 2012

Day 2: Maastricht, The Netherlands

Our second day in Maastricht: Meeting new friends and visiting the same places we went from our first day. The only thing that we did different was that we went to Gaia Zoo.

So this day, we went back to the city center of Maastricht. When we thought that we were not going to see anything else there, we also decided to go to the “Drielandenpunt” again. We didn’t went up anymore but I got a fantastic shot of the tower plus the highest point of the Netherlands that I didnt have the time to do it  on the first day.

Gaia Zoo: From all the zoo’s that I have visited, I can say that this zoo is clean. I find it cozy and at the same time you can also feel being in the jungle. It feels free. The zoo is also not so crowded with animals or people. We did have a good time there.

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4th of July 2012