Reunion with my TSC classmates/ Terugkomdag

Although the temperature drops to -7 degrees celcius, that doesnt stop us to meet each other again. Our professors in our language school invited us to attend the “terugkomdag”. The reason why we did this gathering was that my professors wants to know how is it with us for the past 7months after the graduation from the language course. We showed the new students about what we have encountered after the language school. Most of my classmates are now studying  for the HBO study or college here in The Netherlands. Everybody says that now they have grown with the language and everyday is a learning process.

Well indeed, we finished our school but learning developed more from our everyday experiences. We strived hard for this and we all hope that we will get something nice in the future.

Again, this day I felt happy. I feel what my classmates told me about how they struggle for the study and cope to be accepted in the Dutch society. We both shared our experiences and as what I have understood and heard, not everyday is a good day, but of course that is for everybody. They told me they are now also stronger and left their emotional feelings aside. Yes absolutely, the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” struck us. This is the perfect explanation for everything at the moment.

After the meeting with our professors, I invited them to eat dinner and go for a drink. We went to Cafe Uilenstede, it is near our school. The place was cozy but the service is meh… I wont say anything else about it. We spend sometime there and we do really had a very friendly chit-chat. We can really say that we  truly missed each other. We laughed to the highest point and also we didnt mind now if we made so much mistakes with our Dutch grammar, gewoon lekker door gaan.

Me and the girls
The boys
A group shot without me
A group shot with me

So since I have been saying that this was a Dutch speaking group, I shall include some Dutch sentences with this:

Dank jullie wel voor de heel gezellige avond! Ik mis TSC! Ik hoop dat we nog een keer ontmoeten, zo snel mogelijk! ♥


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