Dinner Date With My Colleagues

After a week of arranging the planned dinner with my colleagues, finally today is the day of the said dinner date!

We ate at Mollie & Co. It is one of the nice restaurants here in Zandvoort. The food was nice, tasty as I may say. Service is really good and at the same time, a cozy place to gather with friends.

This was actually one of the best experiences I had. I went out with my friendly colleagues. We spoke very random things while eating and at the same time we cracked each others jokes and of course, it’s in dutch language. Im now with my dutch colleagues, it’s amazing I can now communicate with them. Im happy.

To summarize the night I have some photos to share and show how nice was it:

It started with me and Dap

And now with Nel

Then Fi joined the gang

Cher and Maart

Speaking of  food, as I said earlier, it was nice and tasty. I got myself some:



Dame Blanche

While in the restaurant, this caught our attention:

The Lord saw us working and sweating, then he saw our salary, he turned and wept bitterly.

And of course, a quick snapshot of the restaurant.

Mollie & Co

The Address of the Restaurant

As I may say, I had a great evening! 🙂

Jumpshots Compilation (Part 1)

I love jumping pictures. Its like capturing something unexpected and  seeing yourself  “flying” is awesome. With these pictures, it takes several shots to give me the wanted jump shot.

This is the funny thing. In most places that I have been to, I managed to get a picture of me jumping. I never really planned the jumping picture but when I run through my old albums, I just somehow see a picture of me jumping.

My jumpshots all happened  here in Europe.

The countries that follow:

Beside the Reichstag Berlin, Germany

Infront of the Atomium in Brussels, Belgium

At the Uitkijk Post in Boulevard Zandvoort, The Netherlands

And an almost Jump shot that we took in Italy. This is the closest (like) jumping picture I got when I was there.

In Tivoli, Italy

Since I started doing this in Europe already. I am now planning to do it more in our future travel.

2012 In Holland

This year, I celebrated 2012 in Holland. All I can say is that, it is really different from the one I am used to when im celebrating it in the Philippines. It is way much calmer and not that really party rock crazy celebration. So we celebrated it with the following:

We drank champagne. Every time the new year comes, the dutchies usually drink champagne. I dont really know why do they do that, but I think it is really a tradition.

We ate olie bollen. Olie bollen is like the typical Dutch doughnut that is shaped like a ball with or without raisins. You have   to dip it on the powdered sugar and there enjoy it!

And of course Fireworks!

Happy New Year!

Christmas 2011- Celebrating Christmas (The Dutch Way)

Tis the season to be jolly! December indeed is the time to celebrate! Jesus was born and people are happy. It is the most wonderful time of the year! Families re-uniting and gift giving. We are blessed to have loving people around us.

2011- I celebrated Christmas in Holland and here it goes 🙂

Our Christmas tree

The ball

Christmas Cards



And here we go for the food:

Sausage bread

Apple with cinnamon and raisins

Baking the Apples

Turkey, Pear and Salmon

This year, I became a child again. I am so spoiled with gifts.

And last but not the least, me infront of the Christmas tree.