First Snow of 2012

Now I can really say that winter has arrived. Temperatures dropping down to the negatives and my winter coat, ear muffs, winter gloves and cap  and snow boots cannot even protect me from the cold when im outside.

What is it with winter that makes it special for me? Well actually, in the Philippines where I lived and grew up we dont experience winter at all. We only have 2 seasons that composed of Sunny and Rainy seasons. Every winter time that I spend here in the Netherlands still amazes and excites me when I see snow. I live in the Netherlands for 3 years, and within the years that I lived here every winter time is awesome!

I will admit, Ive been waiting for the time that snow will come here since I have been looking at how the temperature suddenly drops down unexpectedly. I was checking buienradar all the time and there is the proof that winter is really here with us.

Weather from last week

Seeing the negative numbers kinda creeps me. It’s like telling me that winter is there to freeze me, but whatever it’s the time to light the fireplace and feel the warmth of it and just enjoy the coziness of the winter season.

Since it is the first snow of 2012, I would not let it go without a picture of it. Everything is white, cold and sparkling. I can even smell the ice, it even tempts me to play and roll around the snow. The only problem I have during this day, I cannot do it because im kinda not feeling well. I guess I am one of the winter victims of sore throat, colds and some slight cough. All I can do is stare and feel the happiness inside of me that I am blessed to see another of God’s magical creation.

A snap shot while in the car
The frozen river
The land filled with snow
And the beach that is now covered with snow.

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