The Philippines: Subic Bay

On our way home, we knew that Subic Bay is not so far away because we can actually see the bay from afar. It really tempted me to ask my dad if we can go to the beach again on our way home.  But first, we crashed my aunties (my dad’s cousins) home, who were very kind enough to cook for us nice Filipino dishes within 4 hours of notice. Haha!

So upon arriving at the beach, we were lucky enough that there were still some cottages where we can stay and leave some of our things behind.  Subic bay is kinda busy and there are lots of foreigners. Well, im not surprised because the place was known before as an American Naval Base in the Philippines.

I liked the beach they have there, it is surrounded with mountains and it is also clean. There are boats and you can also rent jet skis and even do a water hoverboards which is really cool.

Mountains, sunset, banana boats, jet ski,  hoverboard,  restaurant in the middle of the sea.
Mountains, sunset, banana boats, boat, jet ski, hoverboard, restaurant in the middle of the sea.


30th of March 2014


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