The Philippines: Zoobic Safari

I did pet a baby tiger! It was such an amazing experience because its not everyday where you can pet a baby tiger.

I’ve been hearing Zoobic Safari for a long time already.  Since we are in the Philippines, I asked my mom and dad if we can go there and of course, we went there.  It is  3 hours drive from Manila. Zoobic Safari is kinda far from the main center of Subic, but it is not difficult to find.  It is kinda in the middle of the mountain. Well, that’s a good thing though because at least the animals feels like they are in their natural habitat. The friendly animals are of course kinda free roaming around the park and the one who are dangerous, they have this big place where they can roam around freely.

What can you actually do in Zoobic Safari?

  • It’s a zoo, so probably roam around and see lots of animals from all around the world.
  • You can feed crocodiles with chicken. (At your expense)
  • You can also buy chicken and let the caretakers feed with their bare hands the tigers and lion while  you are riding a Jeepney.
  • You can have a picture with an owl standing on your shoulders,which I really find cool! (I love owls 🙂 )
  • You can be swarmed by Love Birds.
  • They have this called “Close Encounter with the Tiger” , you are like inches apart from the tiger’s cage.
  • You can meet and greet our famous tribe, the Aetas.
  • They allow you to pet some of the animals and even feed them.
  • You take a tram and enter a secure place where ostriches, wild boars, cows, horses etc are freely walking around the safari. If you are lucky they will approach you too.

And many more… 🙂

The most funny thing that happened to us is when my sister was peed by a tiger. They say that when a tiger peed on you, you will stink for 3 days. Hahaha. So, my little sister is the laughing stock of our family for being peed by a tiger.

It was a nice hot day, perfect for a Safari adventure!

Group Shot
Group Shot

28th of March 2014


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  1. That’s pretty cool. If I had to guess I wold say that less than 10%of the world population has touched a tiger.


    1. bubblejam86 says:

      It’s so fluffy. hehe. Well with my experience, petting the baby tiger was like petting a cat. The fur is soft and you can feel how powerful the muscles are. I was kinda scared with the thought of it but at the end it was all worth it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nice, hopefully I get to experience it at some point in my life. Did they have adult tigers that you could pet?


      2. bubblejam86 says:

        You will! 🙂
        Yes they have it there too, but at that time they were not yet fully fed that’s why they just gave us the baby tiger (it was 3-4mos.). But if I were to choose I prefer baby tigers for the photo shoot. The adults are really huge. I always have the feeling that if you made a mistake with handling them, they will just grab you. They look powerful.


      3. Cool, good idea to stay away from them. Don’t want a hungry tiger to be taking a little bite of your arm 😀

        If I do it, it has to be the big one. Go big or go home…


      4. bubblejam86 says:

        Yes, they even guided us with the little one. They gave us instructions first before handling that baby. But you are right, Go big. I might do it next time if we have the chance. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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