Philippines 2014

Who would have thought that we are actually going to the Philippines this year again?

Well, we actually made it as a surprise visit.  We gave my family 2 weeks  notice that we are going to arrive at the end March of 2014. At first my mom’s reaction was like “seriously?!!” then told her to check her email so she can see our flight tickets so she would believe.

My dad even called me and asked once again asked if we are really going home again, they just cant believe it. I love hearing them being shocked and excited at the same time. It just makes me want go home as soon as possible.

It is kinda nice to surprise everyone about the trip. They kinda panicked because of course they have to arrange everything for us, but of course its more of the excitement.

With my side,  I am also excited and happy that I can go home after a year. It’s expensive but no one can actually replace the euphoria that im feeling knowing that im going back home for another ultimate vacation. In the future, I can look back at those memories and share my amazing story to everyone.


Flying high with KLM
Flying high with KLM


21st of March 2014

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