Philippines: Laguna Hot Spring

Laguna Hot Spring: One of my dad’s favorite hot spring hang out. I do remember when I was still a little child being brought there every weekend, its affordable and for everybody. The water is warm and it is still natural. The hot spring doesn’t look grand or anything. It is more of a swimming pool with volcanic rocks at the the bottom and now they added some fishes. Yes, fishes, they are now placed there to eat the dead skin of your feet.  It definitely tickles!


Laguna Hot Spring
Laguna Hot Spring
Everybody's checking the fishes
Everybody’s checking the fishes


Before leaving the Hot Spring, we made a very big joke to my auntie.  We told her that within 2 hours we will be arriving at their home, in which we did really went there. She was in stress! But we were impressed that she actually prepared dinner for us! The thing that I love at their rooftop- is the view of the Skyline. It is just a perfect view. I love seeing the lights!


The view!
The view!


24th of April 2013


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