Day 1: Texel, The Netherlands

So my vacation was just starting at this moment. I was already wondering after our day in Madurodam where will we go next. I was already thinking why not go to one of the islands of Holland?…

I searched on how we can actually get there and I found an amazing answer. We first need to drive from Zandvoort to Den Helder. Arriving at the port in Den Helder, you will need to wait for the big ship that will transport you to Texel. After 30mins, you are already in Texel. What I loved about the trip is that we can bring the car to the island plus enjoy the sail of the boat to Texel. If you are going to worry about the cost of the travel of the ship, don’t be… it has a very reasonable price.

On the ship
On the ship

Upon arriving on the island, my boyfriend who knows the place brought me first to the harbour. He told me that it has been 13 years since the last visit. He told me that there were some changes. He was even not sure if we are in the right place because the weather stone is already gone. Which is his landmark that he is on the right path.

Texel's Harbor
Texel’s Harbor

While driving, I actually have no idea what to do to that little island. My boyfriend just surprised me when we arrived at the strawberry picking farm. As I may say, I was kinda happy picking strawberries and we were actually comparing our picked strawberries. The strawberries were so nice, they are really sweet unlike the one that you can buy in the supermarkets. Its fresh and sweet. Although its a bit costly for a little plastic container, it was fun to do. We managed to taste the strawberries too while picking.

Strawberry Picking Farm
My perfect pick

Texel is also a place where you can see millions of sheep! Well not really a million, but I would say a LOT!


Since it is still early and really have no idea where to go, we decided to take a rest at our hotel. The hotel we took was named De Smulpot. I love that hotel, bar and restaurant. Its clean and modern plus the food is so tasty. I love their shower! The only minus point with this hotel is that they are near the church, every hour you can hear it rings.

Cozy and big bed

After resting for an hour, we decided to try go Karting. Me who doesn’t drive a car and never tried karting finally got the chance to do this. As I may say, I was glad that I did got 45 seconds on the track as my fastest point and promising myself that the next day, I must beat my fastest score.

My paper saying my lap times.

After karting, we decided to go back to Den Burg. It is also near our hotel. In Den Burg, they have shops that are really lovely. I love shopping there because they got nice clothes. I shopped for some clothes and we bought also our kite.

Den Burg, shopping center.

We went to the beach, it’s at the De Koog. The beach is clean, we were also happy that it was not so busy. This is where we got the chance to play and fly our kite.

He’s flying the kite!
Flying high!

After spending sometime at the beach and flying the kite. We went back to our hotel and ate our dinner there. They cook nice food! Drooling…

Spring rolls with lamb meat
Lamb Stew

The weather of my vacation to Texel is very nice. I was indeed lucky to choose this date. We had an awesome day.

28th of June 2012


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