France: Lille

This day, we decided to visit Lille, France.

First impression: Big city, busy and the buildings were comparable as the ones in Paris. But of course, Lille have it’s own identity by the architectures around it.

Since we are staying in Brugge, Belgium during that time, we decided to explore the nearby cities and found out that Lille is not that far away from our current location. We looked at our navigation and go through to our unplanned trip.

It is a sunny busy day as I may say. It feels and really looks different from Brugge. Lille have nice buildings and a center. It is alive! Lots of shops and restaurants and it is nice to walk around the city. Lille also have a very big park where you can rent a bike and roam around it. Outside the center, tall buildings surrounds Lille, they are really not my favourite but they go together to the city feeling.

We spend 4 hours in Lille walking and shopping. It was a nice experience to visit this lovely city.


  30th of September 2015




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