Belgium: Brugge

We love Brugge.

That is why we stayed there for 3 nights and 4 days when we are just planning to stay for a day or two.

We arrived late in Brugge and found this hotel that is near the canal, it’s called Duc de Bourgogne We werent sure at first if it is a hotel or a restaurant but it turns out to be both. Upon entering the hotel, the staff greeted us and was friendly enough to make arrangements eventhough we dont have any reservations. We ended up staying 3 nights when we only booked for a night. We got 2 different rooms. The first one we got was a smaller room but have a great view of the canal. We considered ourselves lucky to get the room in such short notice. The bed was ok and the room is clean. You can also say that the hotel is already old, but they have an amazing classical feeling of the hotel. But after spending our first night at bars we decided to book the room again in the morning, they told us that our room is already reserved for the next visitor and because of that, they told us that they will give us a different room. The next room they gave us was their biggest room for the same amount of price. We were so happy and at the same time gave us that wow factor! The suite is big, it has a big bed, sofa chairs, a tub and shower and of course a very big view of the canal. Nice windows and relaxing feeling.

Breakfast is starting 7am-10am and you will get varieties of bread, cheese, ham and others. Their restaurant is pretty and also having a view of the canal. For the price we pay, i think its worth it, a luxurious experience. Would love to go back.


Since we arrived late in Brugge, we decided to walk around eventhough we were really tired from the travel.We find it really pretty most especially at night when everything glows. We literally did not sleep the first day because we cant get enough of the surroundings and met some amazing people.


29th of September 2015


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  1. rklowrie says:

    I love Brugge! We visited during Christmas time and our B&B didn’t have heating ( one detail I failed to secure!) It was extremely cold, but we were determined to make the most of our visit. The Christmas Market in the Town Square was magical! Thanks for sharing.


    1. bubblejam86 says:

      We would like to visit Brugge in Christmas time too. I havent seen it during that season. We usually check hotels/b&b with tripadvisor to get at least a decent place to stay in and we are actually glad about the results. Thanks for reading and more posts coming about Brugge soon 🙂


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