The Netherlands: Giethoorn

Welcome to Giethoorn!

Giethoorn a place where there are no roads for vehicles to travel but only uses boats to be able to roam around the town.

It is an hour and a half drive if you are in Amsterdam. It is easy to find with the use of your navigation and rental boats are available for the whole day where you can operate it yourself to tour around the canals. It is best to visit during sunny days, but of course be prepared that there would be a lot of people during your visit. There are lots of restaurants around the town and expect it to be a bit pricey.

To be able to experience Giethoorn in water, you can rent boats of your choice. They have from small to medium sizes where you and your family or friends can tour around the canals of Giethoorn with a guided map. The map will lead you to different routes. It is best to take the 2 hour boat tour but of course 1 hour tour will be good too if you don’t really enjoy boating.

What to see in Giethoorn?

Beautiful and well maintained houses where you can even rent out.


You can boat, swim or even windsurf.


A view of the peaceful nature.


Restaurants and other shops.



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