The Netherlands: Edam

That day was a nice day to tour around Netherlands. Clear skies and not so cold for the month of march.

We actually don’t have any plan neither know where we want to go spend the whole day. We just decided to head out and drive, checked the navigation and found Edam as our destination. Neither me nor my husband knows what to expect in Edam. It is not near from the place where we were living. We brought our dog, we just don’t want to leave him alone at home.

Arriving at Edam, you can  already see how beautiful the location is. We first asked the locals where to go and they were actually friendly enough to give us tips and at the same time correcting us that Edam is actually not a town but a city. The community of Edam seems to be laid back than in the other cities in the Netherlands. I find it comforting  to see people giving smiles and just enjoying the day.

The thing that I liked about this little city is their bridge. It is where we actually spent most of time there and eating our little sandwich treat.

The view from the bridge

The next thing that I liked was their little cheese market. It looks authentic dutch. It is not open when we were there but I like the fact that its serene that it gives us more time to appreciate the little city.


14th of March 2016


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  1. snowtoseas says:

    Edam looks absolutely lovely! Thank you for sharing!


    1. bubblejam86 says:

      Edam is a very pretty city. Thanks for dropping by 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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