The Philippines: Calamba Private Pool

Living in luxury.

Well,  another way to celebrate the birthday of my fiance is to bring him to a private hot springs pool. I’m glad that we did this, that we actually thought of renting a whole private house where we can celebrate his birthday. This idea is much better than sharing the pool with other people. I love how we can just do our own thing and nobody will care with the things we do and of course enjoy the night swim.

It is much better to swim and relax there since we own the whole place.  It is possible in the Philippines to do that kind of thing and it will not cost you a fortune to rent it. The house we rented is fully furnished where you can sleep, cook, grill and even chill on the sofa. You can also sing with their karaoke machine and of course enjoy your day swimming in a hot spring pool and relax at the jacuzzi. I love how the owners don’t put chlorine on the pool or even in the jacuzzi. The water is pure and really hot since it came naturally from the volcano. I can’t wait for the next visit again.




9th and 10th of April 2014


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