The Netherlands: Afsluitdijk

My 2 weeks vacation is finally here. I am so glad that I can have some time out from work, relax and again discover more of the world around me.

25th of June 2012: Finally no rain! This means that we can go out and visit Afsluitdijk. So what’s so special about this dike?… It saves The Netherlands from being flooded. This is the reason why Netherlands exists as what my boyfriend says.

This is really far from where im living. It took us an hour to arrive to the famous “Het Monument” restaurant in Afsluitdijk. Upon arriving at the dike, I wasn’t really aware that we were there since it is just a long high way connecting the other side of Holland, and I actually expected more of it (like seeing a big building of a dike with flowing waters). All you can see is the nice view of the sea, a long road, boats, cars and the restaurant. I feel special now because I am in the most important part of the country. I am in the place where the big history was. If you come there and think how important it is, you will really feel how the Dutch strive to create this. They are great dike builders.


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