France: Colmar

Leaving The Netherlands at around 22:30, we arrived at Colmar, France at 6:30 in the morning. We drove 8 hours with stops at the tank stations. We had no sleep!!

Photo 08-07-2017, 22 17 52
22:30 in The Netherlands

Upon entering Colmar, we were surprised to see a replica of the Statue of Liberty. 

Photo 09-07-2017, 06 01 31

We arrived very early in Colmar and tried to check-in in our hotel, the hotel was still close during the time. They only have a card key for the people who checked in earlier. Since we are still waiting for our check in time, even though we were very tired and sleepy, we’ve decided to have an early sneak peak of the main city of Colmar.

We were happy to do it so. We had Colmar to ourselves,  there are hardly any people walking around the city early in the morning. There were times where we were alone at the streets and got perfect shots of the city. The weather was ok,  little of dews here and there and the sun is a bit in a sepia mode. 

Colmar is beautiful! We did not expect that it would be that pretty and charming. We walked all the way through until we reached the Le Petit Venice Colmar. 

Photo 09-07-2017, 07 51 16
Le Petit Venice Colmar

After our little morning walk in the old town of Colmar, we finally got the time to sleep. The name of the place where we stayed was Hotel Roi Soleil Colmar. The hotel is busy and inexpensive, but we slept really good. Their beds were a delight to sleep into, it was really comfortable and they have the basics that you will need for the night’s stay.

Photo 09-07-2017, 06 06 13

Waking up at 16:00 feeling a bit rested and relaxed.  We decided to roam the city again and finally the sun is shining bright.

The atmosphere of the early walk and the afternoon walk was totally different. Afternoon was busy with people but it looks cozy. We also did realize that it was a sunday, so most shops were closed. But that did not stop us from searching and getting some souvenirs to bring home.

Upon walking in the old town, we saw this very nice cathedral. We visited Eglise St. Martin, lighted a candle and enjoyed the peaceful ambiance of the church. 

After our little visit of the church, we ate ice cream through the park named Place Rapp und Monument Général Rapp and spent some time there until we decided to go to our next plan which is looking for a place to eat dinner that will not cost us a fortune.

Since the old town was busy during our visit, we thought of finding a nearby restaurant that is good tasting and at the same time affordable. We found Pizzeria La Tropezienne at Wihr-Au-Val. We were at the right time when we arrived there, they just opened, and that gave us the time to choose our seats and enjoy the quietness of the restaurant. The place is not so big but surely it can accommodate a lot of people. They don’t speak english, but they were trying their best to understand us and serve us at the best possible. The pizzas were enormous and tasty. No wonder that the locals go there to eat and dine. After our little dinner, we got back to our hotel and rested the whole night away.

9th of July 2017


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