The Philippines: Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro (Day 1)

This day, we are going to Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro! 

Puerto Galera is one of the famous tourist destinations in the Philippines that is not so far from Manila. It is known for it’s beautiful sea and beach, diving spots, beach parties, relaxation and much more. 

Everybody was excited for our little trip. I actually did not sleep much because I can’t wait to see and explore one of our islands.

To reach this paradise, we first went to the Port of Batangas, which is 3 hours away from Manila.  You can leave your car/van on their parking place which is guarded out by their securities.  After doing so, we were directed to the ticket booth where we can buy our tickets for our little boat ride called the “Roro”.  We are redirected to the waiting place and from there we waited for our boat to arrive.  

The Roro boat


Inside the Roro Boat

It took us about 1hour and 30 minutes to reach Puerto Galera via a Roro boat.

Upon arriving in Puerto Galera, you are welcomed already with its beautiful view.

We also have a contact person that is located at the White beach. We were lucky that we agreed on going to the one of the farthest hotel which is much more quiet and comfortable rather than being on the busy side of the beach that is full of bars and fire dancers.

Our place of stay is called Mendellukes Suites. It is located a bit further than on the most busiest side of the beach. The room they gave us has 2 big beds and an extra matress.  5 people fits in. It has it’s own bathroom and offer a nice view of the mountain and their garden. The beach is also just infront of the hotel. 

The Hotel

Seeing the beach, we can’t wait to swim and enjoy the warm sea.

We did not only swim, but also ate fresh seafood and drank one of my favorite pearl shakes.


After our day/ afternoon swim,  we of course went out to look for a place to eat. We ended up going until the end of the beach. The restaurant is called  “Resto Veranda”,   which  offers   European cuisine  that  we  were  actually happy to find  so  my  family  could  experience  it.

After dinner, we decided to walk around the beach. We found children fishing with little buckets and also fire dancers entertaining guests. 


12th of May 2017


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