The Netherlands: Hindeloopen

With no idea of what to do  this day, we just decided to roam around Holland and finally found a place to go to called Hindeloopen.

It is an 1 hour and half to reach this destination from Amsterdam. It is one of the 11 cities of Friesland which is on the North of The Netherlands. It is known for it’s art and also known to be one of the routes they used for the famous Elfstedentoch (200 kilometers of speed skating on natural ice).

Visiting Hindeloopen, the best place to park is at the parking lot near the harbor. Then just follow the boats to reach the center of the small city.

Upon entering the city, you will be welcomed by the bridge that will lead you to the view of the Ijsselmeer.



Hindeloopen is not big, you can roam around the place by foot. The more you reach the middle of this little city, the more you will see their famous works of art and museums.

Hindeloopen Art.

March 10 2017


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