Berlin 2015

Honeymoon in Berlin! What is the best way to do after our winter wedding? Be in Berlin with the ones we care and love much. This time we took the boat tour and saw Berlin at it’s best. We did really have a great time at that time 🙂 31st of January 2015

New Year 2013 in Holland

(Im soooo late posting this.) My new year in Holland is fun! I got to fire some star (sterretjes). I just dont like that it rained hard and I was freezing under the rain. But yeah, we did have fun lightning up some fireworks! Oh yeah! Happy 2013!


It is still a big suprise for me that my friend Shao really now owns her Chinese Hot Pot Restaurant in Amsterdam and it is really in the heart of the party place, the so called “Leidseplein”. I love the food! Im pretty sure that we will visit this restaurant all the time, not only…

Christmas In Holland 2012

Its the time of the year again where families meet and celebrate this one special season. Where everybody is very proud with their Christmas decorations and of course the real life Christmas tree making. It is where we get spoiled with gifts and get big bellies from the nice food from the Christmas celebration. Happy…

The Netherlands: Sinterklaas 2012

Sinterklaas was here! Last 5 December of 2012, Sinterklaas was here in The Netherlands. This means that children everywhere will be spoiled with gifts, but include the adults too. This year we were not really that prepared in celebrating Sinterklaas due to my very busy schedule. I haven’t bought anything during this time. You can…