France: Chatel

After our visit in Colmar, France, we decided to take our destination much further. My husband thought of bringing us to Chatel, France, where his skiing memories happened there.

Chatel, France: It is somewhere to be found in the mountains, with a beautiful view of nature and it’s growing town. This place is mostly visited during winter for it is well known for skiing.

But this time we visited this place during the summer. It was a nice warm day. The shops were open and the french were very nice to even try speaking english to us. We bought little souveniers to bring back home.

We found a nice spot  nearby to just take it all in, like seeing the beautiful mountains of France and Switzerland. We stayed on this spot until it begins to thunder.

A little creek/ falls where I wash my hands… hehe
Our suki!

10th of July 2017


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