The Philippines: Bag of Beans, Tagaytay City

After our long walk in the warm hill of Caleruega, Nasugbu Batangas, we decided to have a quick detour and we ended up in Tagaytay. Bag of Beans is known in Tagaytay as a cafe- restaurant. I just like to include this place here because this is where we spent our evening with the family….

The Philippines: Sky Ranch Tagaytay

This time we finally have the time to visit the famous Sky Ranch Tagaytay. First impression of the place: It looks fun! There are lots of things to do in Sky Ranch Tagaytay like ride their attractions, go zipline, eat at the stalls and restaurants and enjoy the view of the Taal Volcano and Lake….

Philippines: Tagaytay

For our 3rd day in the Philippines,  we went to Tagaytay. It is a travel of 1 and half away Manila. When we say Tagaytay, the first thing that is in my mind is the Taal volcano. It is one of the smallest and active volcano in the Philippines. Tagaytay is also one of our…