France: Reserve Naturelle des Sept Iles

Since we are staying for a week in Bretagne, France and we have enough time to do side trips. We decided to finally try the very known boat trip that is given in the region. We first planned when to go since you have to or at least have a ticket reservation for the said trip.

It was a cold, sunny and somehow raining hail day. But we still decided to go on top of the boat so we can get a full view of the islands that we are going to visit. The trip consists of visiting the 7 islands around Brittany. The only thing that made me a bit annoyed  that the tour was spoken in French, so we have no idea on what the tour guide was talking about. The tour guide did not even bother that there are lots of non-French speakers during the tour, but we grasp on what we can somehow understand by making connection on what he says on the surroundings.

As we sailed our way to the 7 islands, we got hailed. I mean hail fell on us and just to include, I got a very funny video of us during the event.

Our 7 islands trip experience

Moving forward, one of the island is full of birds. There are lots of birds that are just chilling in the island. It stinks, it smells like birds! haha. But looking at the birds that are freely flying and resting made the trip worthy.

After visiting the other islands, we stopped in an island for half an hour and let us enjoy the serenity of the place. We got a very nice view of the whole sea with its islands.

The tour is good in other ways. It wasn’t the best sailing trip due to raining hail, but the experience it gives to be able to tour one of France’ island is enough to say that it is worth the trip. It is nice that they protected the bird island. It gives them a chance to fly freely and live.

Day 2: Texel, The Netherlands

Today, is our second day in Texel. We woke up in the morning to catch our free breakfast on our hotel. We were thinking where to go next and thought why not go karting again since we still have some tickets. We went there, and as I have mentioned earlier on my previous blog… I beat my score! I got 42 seconds for the lap.

Since we are the only customers at the moment, we asked the guy working there if he can take some pictures of us driving. He was cool and did it for us.

After spending sometime with karting,  I was forcing my boyfriend if we can actually go to Eureka. Eureka is some kind of a bird zoo. I love that place, it was nice. You can see lots of birds which some of them are flying freely around the place.


Our next stop is to the Luchtvaart en Oorlog Museum Texel or Airplane and War Museum Texel. We saw lots of model airplanes and some war memorabilias. This is also the place where you can do parachute jumping.

After visiting those places, we decided to go home. We went back to the port and took the ship. We are being followed by birds.



29th of June 2012